Airplane Mobile

So you know the hoop art I showed you on Friday? I wanted to show you what I did with the other part of the embroidery hoop- I made a little mobile for my son!

When I was pregnant with my son my daughter was around a year old and between taking care of her and being absolutely horribly sick (think throwing up 17 times a day and home IVs) I didn’t get to craft much for him. Time to make up for lost time!

This project was totally free! Well. Except for the glue sticks I sent my husband out for. The airplane cut outs were from Liam’s 1st birthday party, the clouds I made out of plain old white card stock. The rest is the outside ring of a big and slightly smaller embroidery hoops, fishing line and embroidery floss.

The hoops are held together with fishing line.

The clouds were made by cutting out the identical and symmetrical clouds (found that out the hard way!) ten you fold the clouds in half match half of Cloud A with half of Cloud B, the other half of Cloud B with Half of Cloud C and then finish by matching the halves of Clouds A and C giving you a 3D cloud. Before gluing Clouds A and C, I glued and taped a length of embroidery thread.

{ taken in the guest room – babies were sleeping }

As I said the airplane cut outs are from his birthday party and were made on my Cricut from colored card stock. They hang from fishing line as well.

The entire mobile is hung by three blue ribbons from my stash.

Once the clouds were assembled and the two hoops attached and (fairly) level it was a matter of tying thing on. The hardest part were the hoops. I won’t lie. I was getting REALLY frustrated but I love it now so it was totally worth it. Even better: Liam loves it too!  Ready for lots of pictures?

{ in the nursery }

{ lots of colors! }

Cute, right? He LOVES it.  Seriously.  He went right down for his nap today without a fuss watching his airplane mobile. 🙂

Well, thanks for stopping by!

Lots of Love,


The High/Low Project

I think I might have a new favorite HGTV show. Here in our household if the TV is on it’s on one of two channels: (1) the Food Network or (2) HGTV. Unless there is a Red Wings game on and then the hubby becomes a remote snatcher and we watch that.

I very rarely watch TV (seriously could care less if we even had one) but it happened to be on the other day. Amongst my cleaning I caught glimpses of something interesting. I didn’t have time to stop and watch but was able to record the mystery show so I could watch it later.

Come to find out the show is called The High/Low Project and it features the super cute and bubbly Sabrina Soto. The episode I recorded was about a young apartment dweller named Kari who wanted a classic living room with a splash of eclectic. My kind of girl!

{ screen shot from HGTV }

The whole premise of the show is Sabrina creates a dream room for the client sparing no expense and pulling out all the stops. Then Sabrina is given the challenge of recreating the same look using a very “modest” ($3000 is modest?!?) budget.

{ screen shot from HGTV }

I watched the show with my hubby and was absolutely in love with the pipe shelves they built Kari. I have been bugging and pestering and begging Hubby to help me build shelves out of plumbing pipes and flanges and after seeing hers he finally agreed that they were pretty cool. Woohoo!!! 🙂  { screen shot from HGTV }

There a couple of other things I would love to replicate one day. The mirror grid behind her (fabulous but completely not kid friendly) sofa and the garden statue book ends (love them!)

As for the artwork while gorgeous they seem kind of impersonal. I would replace it with photos of friends and family or even photos from around or town. I’m thinking Hubby might need to watch babies for an hour or so this spring so I can go snap happy around town without screaming babies in tow. 🙂

{ screen shot from HGTV }

The books were also odd to me. They just picked hardcover books that were pretty to decorate the shelves. And then turned them around so the pages faced forward… Uh??

Maybe I’m just nosy but if I am at someone’s house and they have books on display I always peruse them. If nothing else, it’s a conversation starter. And Sabrina was adamant about no soft cover books. I like soft cover books. I would just turn them around so the pages face out ala Restoration Hardware. I might even wrap them with the twine like RH for a little bit of funkiness. 🙂

{ from Restoration Hardware }

Finally the egg thing. Poor Sabrina was gagging through a project where she and her helper Chris had to blow eggs to put under a cloche on top of the fabulous bookshelves. I felt so bad. You can even ask my husband I was yelling at the TV telling her to just but paper mâché eggs from the craft store (or plastic Easter eggs!) and with paint and a tooth-brush she could replicate them without the vomiting. 🙂 Kind of like these from The V-Spot.

So, have you seen that show? I wish the episodes were all online as HGTV lists a bunch of episodes already and I’ve only seen 1 so far. But so far I really like this show. I like how it shows that creativity can trump cash any day.

Thanks for stopping by!

Lots of Love,

P.S. I just found at least part of the episode on HGTV’s website.  Watch it here.

Crate and Barrel Circlet Stand Knock Off Tutorial

I was flipping through Crate and Barrel’s website and I saw their Circlet Stand and immediately thought it looked like an embroidery hoop. Since I have a bunch that I’ve been collected for an art display in my daughter’s room if we ever move, I decided to give it a try. Here is my inspiration:

{ via Pinterest }

Crate and Barrel offers these in 3 sizes with prices ranging from $50-70. Granted theirs is made of handwrought iron. But mine looks metallic thanks to spray paint. Onto the tutorial!

I got my supplies together. The inside circle of an embroidery hoop, a wooden plaque, a piece of dowel, wood glue and spray paint! That’s it! This project actually cost me nothing as I had all these materials on hand!

First I removed the center circle from the embroidery hoop by loosening the screw clamp thing. 🙂

Apply a bit of wood glue to the outside of the hoop where you want your dowel to be.

Put the dowel into the glue and hold it there. Or do what I did and use tape to hold it up until the glue dries. 🙂

Find the center of the wood plaque and drill a hole the size of your dowel. Fill the hole with glue.

Insert the dowel into the glue and allow it to dry completely. When dry, find your favorite metallic spray paint and paint away. I used Krylon’s Oil Rubbed Bronze. It turned out awesome… Until I tripped, fell and dropped it. The hoop fell off. I almost cried. But then I whipped out the hot glue gun and fixed it in no time flat! Yay!

Now that it’s all fixed and dry it’s time to style it with your favorite accessories!

{ I love the modern hoop art paired with the vintage camera }

So…What do you think? Will you be making one for yourself? Hope you liked my tutorial!

Lots of Love,


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UPDATE: Oh my goodness! Beckie has honored me once again and featured the Circlet Stand knock off on Knock Off Decor! Thanks, Beckie!

{ Pinterest Thursday: } Vintage B Wall Art

I love the House Tours that John and Sherry have on Young House Love. For me, it’s the less creepy equivalent of driving through a neighborhood at night and peeking through lit up windows. 🙂

Nearly a year ago, I saw Melissa’s house tour I fell in LOVE with her gallery wall an especially the vintage looking letter she had. She bought it from Ross but we don’t have a Ross here so we made it ourselves!

We went to Lowes and bought a piece of pine. The piece we bought wasn’t very thick and I really wanted it to be thick like Melissa’s. How do we do that? Glue and clamps! We started by sawing the board in half and then applied a hole lotta wood glue to one half. We stacked the other half of the board on top of the glue and used clamps to hold the boards together tightly. We left them in the clamps for about 24 hours just to be safe.

In the meantime I colored the back of the letter I had printed with a pencil (my super secret transfer method ;)). I used Photoshop to make my letter fit an 11×17 sheet of paper.

I flipped the paper over and pressing firmly with a pencil I traced the letter. I checked periodically making sure the transfer was going through.

Here’s what it looked like when I was done transferring. I went over the any light spots so we knew where to cut.

My hubby was kind enough to cut the letter for me using the Jigsaw.

I applied some stainable wood filler to any gaps or gashes in the wood and allowed that to dry.

After a good sanding the letter was ready for stain (hooray!), I used Rustoleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Paprika. I loved its warm, rich tone. Not too light. Not too dark. Juuuuuust right. 🙂

Usually I apply stain and then wipe if off but I really liked the way the stain without being wiped off. It may have taken longer to dry but achieved a richer stain color.

Once the stain was dry, I had fun staging it around the house.

{ on the wall }

{ leaning on a shelf }

{ and just for fun, how about on the stairs }

That last picture gives you an idea of the size of the letter. This thing is seriously huge. Here it is compared to the size of the kids toy basket! And apparently I need to vacuum. Sheesh!

I really loved it but felt like it needed something else. Melissa’s letter had lovely dark edges so I tried to replicate that using my Distress Ink (a trick I learned from Shelley at The House of Smiths)

I rubbed the ink pad on the edge and then smudged the ink with my finger. In the places where I couldn’t get the ink pad I would apply the ink to my finger and then smudge it on. I think it really make the letter look old and well-loved just like I wanted it!

There we go. Hang it on the wall when the ink has dried and adore it. So pretty!

So what do you think of my vintage letter? I seem to be on a monogram/initial kick lately. I have no idea why. Weird. Anywho, I hope you like this little tutorial and that you’ll attempt to make one yourself. If you do, send me a link or pictures as I would L-O-V-E love to see it!

Lots of Love,


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Getting Tangled


My Mimi will be 3 (whaaaaaa??) in July and has asked requested begged for a Tangled party. I, too, love the movie so it wasn’t a hard sell. Now we could go to the Party store and buy them out of Tangled merchandise but what fun is that? 🙂

Instead I’m planning a really cute purple and pink party with a touch of woodland in the mix. And a heaping dose of Mimi’s favorite Disney Princess and her friends.

I went to Joann the other day looking for fabric for another project and saw all of the beautiful purple fabrics they had. Aaaaaand… 5 minutes later I was walking out with half a yard of pretty much every purple fabric they had. Oops. 🙂

Yesterday we went to the Dollar Tree and I was shocked to find a whole bunch of Tangled favors including little note books, fun stamp rings and kalidiscopes. We may have had to get some of those too.

Mimi is so excited for her party and so am I! I have big plans including an awesome cake, lots of decor (including Rapunzel’s tower!) and some super fun party activities. Lots to do I mean the party is in July and it’s already March. Hardly any time at all. 🙂

Lots of love,


P.S. Sorry for a lack of posts this week. I had a whole bunch of dental work done. Hopefully I’ll be back in action tomorrow! Thanks for understanding!

One of THOSE days

Sorry I don’t have anything fun and exciting to post today. I’m having one of those days. You know the one where you barely got any sleep, your kids are crying, you went way over budget with your shopping {again!} and every craft project you attempt ends up in a big, fiery mess? Sigh.

Oh well. If you don’t mind, I’m going to take a mental health day from the blog today (which pains me because I’m enjoying this so much) and head to bed for some much needed Zzzzs. Hopefully I will be back in action tomorrow if my dentist appointment goes well. In the mean time I can leave you with a sneak peek at an upcoming project!


Another boob bites the dust. 🙂

Lots of love,

Everything’s Just Beachy

My mother-in-law celebrated her ::cough:: birthday the other day. They purchased a house last year and are in the process of making into their new home. The house looks over Lake Michigan and so my mother-in-law has a lot of beachy and nautical decor. I knew I wanted to make her some sort of frame and once I saw these I knew I had to make my own.

{ This is actually a canvas! }

It was actually pretty easy. Here’s what I used:

I started out by measuring my frame. Mine had a little lip and I wanted my wood pieces to sit right inside that lip so there was a white border. I did a dry fit to get an idea of how I wanted to lay out the stirrers. Then I marked the stirrers where I needed them to be cut.

Hubby helped me by cutting the paint stirrers into 2 big pieces that stretch across the top and bottom of the frame and the little chunks of wood for the sides. I actually used different kinds of paint stirrers from different stores. I used big paint stirers (like for the 5 gallon buckets of paint) and regular gallon paint stirrers from Lowes and big paint stirrers from Menards. Each of these paint stirrers were different thicknesses giving the frame a cool wavy type look.

{ See the different thicknesses? }

Once cut I started by applying a coat of my favorite wood stain, Rustoleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Dark Walnut to all the wood stirrers. I made sure to get the edges of the long pieces too but I probably should have done that for all the pieces.

While the stain dried I gave the frame a quick coat of white paint. I just used craft paint but you can use whatever you have. Most of it will be covered by the wood pieces anyway. I took out the glass and back to the frame so that I didn’t get paint on them .

So the frame is drying and it was time to turn my attention to the now dry stained wood pieces. I used my most beachy craft paint colors but you can use greens and pinks like the Savvy Photographer’s or whatever you like! Or you could just skip the paint all together and just leave it the stained pieces.

For mine I wanted the stain to peek through the paint so I brushed a fairly light coat and then immediately following by wiping it off with a paper towel. It’s messy but worth it. I also worked in pairs so that one piece would be on either side of the glass. I’m just OCD like that. 🙂 I love how the wiping off the paint gives the wood pieces a really old, worn look.

Once the wood pieces and the frame are dry it’s time to assemble!

I ran a bead of wood glue on the frame and then carefully applied the wood pieces to the frame. I laid the big pieces and then went down one side and then the other because the glue dries really fast. I made sure to adjust the pieces as I went along since I was butting each piece against another


Allow everything to dry really well before inserting your glass, your favorite picture and the frame’s backing. And now: Picture overload!

{ Stand back and enjoy the fruits of your labor – or the fruits of mine (that’s my daughter in the picture) }

{ Or lean it on a shelf }

{ I love the texture the different thicknesses of wood gives the frame }


I actually ended up with a few extra pieces (how’d that happen?!?) No problem. Rather than throw them away, I went through my stash of frames and found one with a nice flat face.

After dry fitting the pieces to the frame, I applied wood glue (I need more actually – I’ve run out!) and attached the wood pieces. TADA! Darling table top frame for me! Woohoo! 🙂

Not sure why my hair looks purple… Probably cause I did this all REALLY late at night and needed to use my flash. Anywho, photo taken by the very talented Missy Widener of mL photography taken for our 5-year wedding anniversary. Love them 🙂

What do you think? Have room in your decor for a beachy frame? I already told the hubby we going to need more paint stirrers. I may need one of these big guys for myself! Or I might try it with just the stained stirrers and see how that looks. Either way, you know I’ll share!

Lots of Love,


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Cherry Blossom Painting Tutorial

As promised here is the tutorial for the cherry blossom painting I mentioned here. As I said previously, I already had the canvas so all I needed was more craft paint (yes, I need MORE paint no matter what my husband says ;))

First I tried to draw the tree out with a pencil. But that didn’t workout so well. So I threw caution to the wind and just started painting. I’m such a dare-devil. 🙂

Once the brances were dry I moved on to the flowers. I used two colors of pink for my flowers: a darker pink and a lighter pink. To make the flowers I started by using a small stencil sponge brush and painting 5 circles really close together. I sprinkle them all over the canvas to whatever was pleasing to my eye. I liked it but I thought it needed some smaller flowers too.

Well, necessity is the mother of invention. Since I used my smallest stencil brush to make the “big flowers” I used both my fingers and even the handle of the sponge brush to make the smaller ones. 🙂

For the center of the flowers, I used my fingers again. The dark pink flowers got the light pink center and vice versa.

I thought the flowers needed a little something more. I broke out a teeny tiny paint brush and some yellow paint. Inside the center of the flowers I painted 3 yellow dots. Just the pop it needed!

Once I was done I couldn’t even wait for it to dry before hanging it up! I carefully carried it upstairs and hung it on my wall. Definitely brightens up our room!

What do you think? Going to attempt this project yourself? I’d love to see how it turns out!

Lots of Love,


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Post Update: I was so surprised this morning to see that my Anthropologie Initial Stand was chosen as one of Flamingo Toes Crush of the Week!  Oh my goodness!  What an honor! If you’re coming over from Beverly site, welcome, thanks for coming over and be sure to check out my other projects!


We’ve been making quite a few changes around the house. Partly for the showings. Partly because I can’t not decorate. Let’s discuss shall we?

Guest Room
Do you suffer from the dreaded ‘boob light?’ We have 7 in this house. Or at least we did. Now we have 6. Another one bites the dust. 🙂

I went to the thrift store with my mom and saw this totally cute yet totally ugly light for $9. You know the kind- bright brass with glass panels with etched with some floral spray. People thought I was crazy but I gave the lovely lady my $9 and took that baby home.

After removing the glass panels and giving it a good scrubbing it was time for her to meet my friend Mr. Spray Paint. 🙂

I carefully wrapped the light sockets and the wiring in plastic bags and tape to ensure no overspray got on them. I gave the light two coats of Krylon’s Fusion for Plastic spray paint in Nickel Shimmer. I flipped the light over and painted the other side. After letting it dry it was time to enlist the hubby’s help.

The hubby was worried that the light would make the room too dark but actually it’s a lot brighter than the boob. AND it’s super cute. 🙂

Hope you like it. Cause I also bought one from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore store for $4.25! I’m hoping to spray paint it and hang it up in our closet which is also currently sporting a boob light.

Lower Level Bathroom

We did a lot of renovating in our lower level bathroom. From painting and new floors to a new shower and vanity top, it’s practically brand new. One thing I always wanted was more storage. As you can see there was a little space at the end of the vanity that would be perfect for a tall cabinet. For the longest time I used this (fabulous) cabinet made from an antique radio. However, the glass in the door made it hard to stash stuff and it didn’t offer much in additional storage.

As I mentioned, shortly after moving in we gutted our kitchen. We gave away most of the cabinets except for the tall pantry cabinet. That lived in our garage these past 5 years holding sports gear and tarps. After discovering that it was the EXACT dimensions of the available space in the bathroom, I cleared it out, cleaned it up and my mom and I carried that (incredibly heavy and awkward) cabinet down to the bathroom. You should have seen it. I’m sure we looked hilarious.

Once it was in the spot I thought the door made the already monstrous cabinet look too monstrous so I took off the door and left the open storage. However the cabinet shelves were really thin and looked kind of cheap. Hubby to the rescue!

After bolting it to the wall, and searching around in the massive pile of wood scraps in the garage we were able to find some pieces of thin stock and a piece of molding that really jazzed up the plain Jane cabinet. A quick coat of paint and tada! Lots of storage! I know it is still open storage but at least the cabinet is big enough that we can throw the unsightly things into big baskets. 🙂

New Painting

I bought a large canvas about a year ago (seriously).  I was planning on making something similar to the Cherry Blossom Birdies canvas from Oops Daisy and about 6 months ago I painted the background.  But then I chickened out. I loved the swirls so much I was afraid to paint anything else. On Wednesday night I laid in bed and just could not sleep. I had an idea for a painting and the canvas all I needed was some courage.  After convincing myself that if I really hated it I could just repaint it, I knew I had to do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, right?

After painting it (tutorial coming soon) I hung the painting over our bed. I’m not sure it will stay here but right now I really like it there.  I feel like our room needs a pop of color amist the gray of winter.  With the new canvas, new pillows and the snazzy acrylic tray hanging out at the end of my bed  it’s definitely getting colorful in here! 🙂

So what do you think of our most recent projects around the house? Have you been working on anything lately? I’d love to hear!

Lots of Love,


{ Pinterest Thursday: } Hanging Flower Vase

via Pinterest

The girls at Shanty 2 Chic always have such cool projects. When I saw this one on Pinterest I immediately Pinned and decided I needed to do this project right away. Their instructions are super easy to follow but I ran into a big giant road block with the bottle. After trying several types of bottles (Coke, different brands of beer, Jones Soda, even the bottle my Olive Oil comes in) I decided I needed to improvise. Here’s what I used.

I was able to find a piece of scrap pine in our garage so that was free and as I said, I had trouble with the bottle so I used two bud vases that I found hidden in the back of my cabinets. The Shanty girls also used 3/4″ split rings where as I used 1″ simply because my vase didn’t fit in the 3/4″ size.

We started in the garage. First, hubby cut the pine board into 2 14.5-inch pieces. He also cut the threaded rod into 2 pieces 3-inches long. After giving the boards a quick sand, I stained them with my favorite stain. Then it was time to assemble.

I started out by putting my split ring on the neck of the vase. Just unscrew the screws on the split rings, place the vase in the center of the ring and tighten the screws back up. Easy peasy.

I added a picture hangar to the back of the wood piece.

Then I assembled the metal pieces. The ceiling flange gets attached to the wood followed by the threaded rod into the ceiling flange. Lastly carefully attach the split ring and vase onto the other end of the threaded rod. Now pop some flowers into the vase and it’s ready for your wall.


I put this one in my bedroom next to my mirror and I really love it. The warm wood with the metal really looks great and ties the other wood and metal pieces around the room.

Sigh. <;3

Truth be told, I didn't just make one. I actually made 3. Two are the same vase and one with a slightly smaller vase. One of the long vases lives in my bedroom as you saw above. The other two currently live in my kitchen, right by the kitchen table.

I love that these two are different but similar. Every time I walk in and see them, I smile.

Hope you liked my take on Shanty 2 Chic‘s hanging vase tutorial!

Lots of Love,


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