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>Tap. Tap.<

Is this thing on?

Anyone still there?
{insert echo sounds here}

Just in case, hello.

I’m back (I’m like a bad penny that way) It’s been nearly a year since my last post. I have a very good excuse too.

No, my dog didn’t eat my homework. Did eat my blog password though…

Anywho. My excuse:



This little guy kind of put a hold on my blog. And a hold on his mama’s heart too come to think of it.

This is Henry. He’s 3 months old now (say whaaaaa?!?) My pregnancy with him was hard work but he’s here and perfect and we just adore the absolute snot out of him.

But he does required much of mamas time and energy (and quite frankly my calories- this kid is a tank!) so don’t be expecting too much from me in the wicked awesome posts department.

Not to worry though. We did do a lot of work on the house over the past several months (sneak peak of one of our projects behind Henry’s giant noggin) and the work continues so I have plenty to share so keep checking back!

Check ya later, alligator!


Please forgive me

As you can see, I kind of fell off the face of the planet lately. We’ve been hit with a bug in our house and I’m currently dealing with that. Hopefully we’ll be ship shape soon!

The High/Low Project

I think I might have a new favorite HGTV show. Here in our household if the TV is on it’s on one of two channels: (1) the Food Network or (2) HGTV. Unless there is a Red Wings game on and then the hubby becomes a remote snatcher and we watch that.

I very rarely watch TV (seriously could care less if we even had one) but it happened to be on the other day. Amongst my cleaning I caught glimpses of something interesting. I didn’t have time to stop and watch but was able to record the mystery show so I could watch it later.

Come to find out the show is called The High/Low Project and it features the super cute and bubbly Sabrina Soto. The episode I recorded was about a young apartment dweller named Kari who wanted a classic living room with a splash of eclectic. My kind of girl!

{ screen shot from HGTV }

The whole premise of the show is Sabrina creates a dream room for the client sparing no expense and pulling out all the stops. Then Sabrina is given the challenge of recreating the same look using a very “modest” ($3000 is modest?!?) budget.

{ screen shot from HGTV }

I watched the show with my hubby and was absolutely in love with the pipe shelves they built Kari. I have been bugging and pestering and begging Hubby to help me build shelves out of plumbing pipes and flanges and after seeing hers he finally agreed that they were pretty cool. Woohoo!!! 🙂  { screen shot from HGTV }

There a couple of other things I would love to replicate one day. The mirror grid behind her (fabulous but completely not kid friendly) sofa and the garden statue book ends (love them!)

As for the artwork while gorgeous they seem kind of impersonal. I would replace it with photos of friends and family or even photos from around or town. I’m thinking Hubby might need to watch babies for an hour or so this spring so I can go snap happy around town without screaming babies in tow. 🙂

{ screen shot from HGTV }

The books were also odd to me. They just picked hardcover books that were pretty to decorate the shelves. And then turned them around so the pages faced forward… Uh??

Maybe I’m just nosy but if I am at someone’s house and they have books on display I always peruse them. If nothing else, it’s a conversation starter. And Sabrina was adamant about no soft cover books. I like soft cover books. I would just turn them around so the pages face out ala Restoration Hardware. I might even wrap them with the twine like RH for a little bit of funkiness. 🙂

{ from Restoration Hardware }

Finally the egg thing. Poor Sabrina was gagging through a project where she and her helper Chris had to blow eggs to put under a cloche on top of the fabulous bookshelves. I felt so bad. You can even ask my husband I was yelling at the TV telling her to just but paper mâché eggs from the craft store (or plastic Easter eggs!) and with paint and a tooth-brush she could replicate them without the vomiting. 🙂 Kind of like these from The V-Spot.

So, have you seen that show? I wish the episodes were all online as HGTV lists a bunch of episodes already and I’ve only seen 1 so far. But so far I really like this show. I like how it shows that creativity can trump cash any day.

Thanks for stopping by!

Lots of Love,

P.S. I just found at least part of the episode on HGTV’s website.  Watch it here.

Getting Tangled


My Mimi will be 3 (whaaaaaa??) in July and has asked requested begged for a Tangled party. I, too, love the movie so it wasn’t a hard sell. Now we could go to the Party store and buy them out of Tangled merchandise but what fun is that? 🙂

Instead I’m planning a really cute purple and pink party with a touch of woodland in the mix. And a heaping dose of Mimi’s favorite Disney Princess and her friends.

I went to Joann the other day looking for fabric for another project and saw all of the beautiful purple fabrics they had. Aaaaaand… 5 minutes later I was walking out with half a yard of pretty much every purple fabric they had. Oops. 🙂

Yesterday we went to the Dollar Tree and I was shocked to find a whole bunch of Tangled favors including little note books, fun stamp rings and kalidiscopes. We may have had to get some of those too.

Mimi is so excited for her party and so am I! I have big plans including an awesome cake, lots of decor (including Rapunzel’s tower!) and some super fun party activities. Lots to do I mean the party is in July and it’s already March. Hardly any time at all. 🙂

Lots of love,


P.S. Sorry for a lack of posts this week. I had a whole bunch of dental work done. Hopefully I’ll be back in action tomorrow! Thanks for understanding!

One of THOSE days

Sorry I don’t have anything fun and exciting to post today. I’m having one of those days. You know the one where you barely got any sleep, your kids are crying, you went way over budget with your shopping {again!} and every craft project you attempt ends up in a big, fiery mess? Sigh.

Oh well. If you don’t mind, I’m going to take a mental health day from the blog today (which pains me because I’m enjoying this so much) and head to bed for some much needed Zzzzs. Hopefully I will be back in action tomorrow if my dentist appointment goes well. In the mean time I can leave you with a sneak peek at an upcoming project!


Another boob bites the dust. 🙂

Lots of love,

Wishful Thinking

Have you ever come across some product that made you want to drop everything and go play with it? Your dinner is boiling over on the stove, the phone is ringing off the hook and the dogs are howling at a very menacing stick in the yard but you are too mesmerized by the YouTube video showing all the tricks it can perform to look away.


Uhhhh… Me either.


{sheepish grin}


Moving on…

Have you seen the Silhouette machine? I heart it. I big ole pink puffy heart it. I loved the SD when it was out but now they have the Cameo – be still my heart!
Oh the things I could do with a Cameo…

It cuts fabric. Did you know that? No more spending hours cutting shapes out with my dull scissors. Mimi wants a turtle on her shirt and there’s only a half hour until our play date? No problem. Fabric, Wonder Under and Silhouette Cameo to the rescue!

And you KNOW I’d be whipping up some of these with a Cameo.

{ via Pinterest }

Did you know you can use it to bedazzle stuff?  I love me some glam and sparkles. Night on the town? Let’s add some rhinestones to that plain ole clutch. Not to mention the face that I may just need to have more kids so I can make them adorable onesies like this:

And probably my FAVORITE feature is the print and cut feature. So when I’m making labels or cupcake toppers for the kids’ birthday I can design them with the registration marks and the super smart Silhouette can cut them precisely where I need them!

Sigh. I love it. Maybe for my birthday in August? Honey, if you’re reading this: hint hint. 🙂

Lots of Love,



Today I had a dentist appointment.  I got their early just like they asked and the dentist ended up running late with another patient.  No biggie.  I had my iPhone so I was looking around on Pinterest and daydreaming about what COULD be.

The truth is, I’m really frustrated.  As I mentioned previously, our house has been on the market for nearly a year.  Our first realtor, was a great guy but a really crappy realtor.  He did basically nothing. We had maybe 6 showings in the 6 months he had listed our house.  He was all about the Open House.  So almost every single Saturday for 6 months I would scrub my house hoping that a buyer would be walking in that door. Never happened.  He assured us it would happen so we let ourselves look (and fall in love with) a house.  I dreamed about that house every night.  Where my furniture would go, what colors I would paint the walls. I even had a PowerPoint presentation with a slide for ever room of the house with pictures and ideas of what I wanted that room to look and feel like.  Our contract ended with Realtor #1 and we were heartbroken and frustrated.  While we were waiting someone bought “our” house.

Come December after we had licked our wounds we decided to try again. This time with a new realtor.  We chose him because he had sold a house down the road from us fairly quickly and was known for his “get is sold” abilities. We’ve been on the market for 82 days now. Lots of showings but no offers. Our showing Saturday? Loved our house but ended up loving a house around the corner even better. Heart breaking.

I can only liken having your house being on the market to being on a blind date and having him never call you again.  Or more accurately having a one night stand with a potential buyer and they’re gone before you wake up in the morning.  My house is sort of like an injured bird that I nursed back to health (except now the pesky bird won’t leave me the #&% alone).  It was broken and dirty and ugly when we bought it but since then we have poured our blood, sweat and tears into it.  It went from cold dark shell to a home.  Our home.  And after 2 children and 2 dogs, it’s suddenly too small.

A friend from my MOMs group recently listed her house just around the corner and last night they received their first offer.  I won’t lie.  I cried myself to sleep.  So happy for them and hopefully their sale goes through but at the same time so so sad.  Another home sold before mine.  So while my little house sits here, racking up the Days on the Market and I scramble to get it showing ready every week I really just want to cry. We found a house.

We didn’t mean too and believe I tried to talk myself out of it but we found Her. She’s a 4-bedroom 1917 American Foursquare.  She has lovely wood trims, a gorgeous brick fireplace and after some TLC would be the house of my dreams. My husband laughs.  A big reason why we want to move is to reduce our mortgage payment allowing us to payoff our debts and then in a few years build.  That was the plan. But then I found Her.  And now he picks on me that if we bought Her we’re never leaving Her.  He might be right. But unless we sell our current house we’ll never even to see Her.  I’m superstitious and crazy and while I am *DYING*  to go inside and see past the terrible MLS pictures I am too scared to go.  What if we see it and I love Her more than I do now only to have someone buy it? I’ll be heart broken.  But on the other hand will the regret of not seeing Her eat at me? I could go and see it and have my rose colored glasses taken off by an off putting smell or something carefully cropped out of the realtors pictures. Sigh. Not sure what to do.

Her realtor emailed me.  She’s available for showings this week. When’s a good time for us.  Not sure what to say.  A big (and growing!) part of me wants to tell her to meet me with the keys in 5 minutes.  The more practical (and annoying) side of me says to wait until our house is sold. You can’t buy it, don’t torture yourself. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I hate waiting. There’s no iPhone of life to distract me as I sit here in the waiting room, wondering when’s my turn with the doctor.

Lots of Love,


An Ode to My Magic Eraser

An Ode to My Magic Eraser
by Erin B.

My dearest Magic Eraser. Oh, how I love thee.
Finger prints, scuffs and weird dirty spots that grace these hollowed halls.
Are easily wiped away
With out much scrubbing at all.

When you are almost used up, in pieces and full of holes,
I roll you up and scrub some more
For the love I have for you, my dear Eraser, is deeper than any cleaning product love affair ever before.

For almost the last year our house has been on the market. So for almost the last year I have been using my Magic Erasers nearly daily to clean up the finger prints left on the walls by my 2 year old, the weird dirty spots that appear as of by magic on the bathroom door and the food splatters off my kitchen cabinets from my husband’s most recent culinary invention. I seriously might be single-handedly keeping Procter & Gamble in business.

Tomorrow is yet another showing and today I noticed that my newest beloved sponge was full of holes and in pieces so it was off to the store for 2 more boxes. Procter & Gamble if your reading this, send some more my way. I maybe your biggest fan!

Off to clean!

Lots of love,


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