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Rustic Industrial Sofa Table

Rustic Industrial Sofa Table

The poly finally dried and my wicked awesome table is complete!


The table is done but there’s one small glitch.

You see, we ordered a new loveseat and it hasn’t arrived yet (booooooo) and the couch we currently have has a much higher back their our new loveseat so my pretty table looks too short.  But once my new, sleek loveseat arrives it will be beautiful.

Without further ado: how my rustic industrial sofa table was born.

I’ve been dreaming about making something out of plumbing pipe for some time now.  Every time we’d go to the home improvement store I’d play in the plumbing pipe aisle, making different legs for a table, brackets for a bookshelf, etc.  Then it finally hit me that a sofa table in our living room would be totally awesome because some other furniture changes in the room have made end tables unnecessary. (Oooohhh… cliff hanger)

First I measured the height of my loveseat (well actually it’s sister – the couch currently living in my family room) and found it to be about 31 inches high.  I Googled it and found out that sofa tables are traditionally 5 or so inches below the back of the sofa.  So I needed to get the height of my table to be approximately 26 inches give or take. Don’t you love my scientific approach? 🙂  I also measured the length of the love seat which was about 62 inches.

After a bunch of finagling and brainstorming, I came up with a super simple leg for my table. Here’s my shopping list:

(all my pipes are 1/2″ black unless noted)

4 floor flanges – I used galvanized since they were out of black
4 18″ long black steel pipes
4 6″ long nipples
4 Tee connectors
2 1/2″ nipples
4 caps

Total price: $42.00

Once I figured out all my pieces (ahem… by fully assembling one whole leg in the middle of the plumbing isle) I was good to go.

What I love about this project is that you can make it as simple or complex as you’d like. Add elbows and different connectors and get a totally different look to your table.  And one of my favorite parts: it can all be disassembled later if I want to do something different! Or we finally get to move and I need a different sized table.

The wood top on my table is a scrap piece of 1×8 from our garage and the wood stain we had as well, so they were free!

Wash the pipes in sudsy water to remove grime.

I washed my pipe in sudsy water because they were a bit grimy. Allow them to dry.




(Not that I know from experience)



(Sigh. Anyone have black spray paint?)

Once your pipe is completely dry you can start assembling the legs.

Assemble your table legs

For me I screwed one of the 6″ nipples into the bottom of one of the T connectors. The 1/2″ nipple was then screwed into the side. Attach another T connector to the other end of the 1/2″ nipple and 6″ nipple to the bottom of that T connector. Hard to explain but the pictures will help hopefully.

Add the 18' pipes to the bottom of your table legs

Now it’s time to add the longer, in my case – 18″ long pipes and the flanges.

Admire your new table legs

Admire your new table legs.  Oh wait… Forgot something.

Add your end caps

You may want to add the caps to the exposed end of the 6″ nipple.

Now you can admire.

But not for too long because you need to repeat the process for the other leg.

Next up: the top!  You’ll want to cut the wood you plan on using for the table top. Since I just needed a skinny table I was able to use one board of scrap 1×8 that was 60″ long.  A planked top ala Ana White would be awesome if building a console or coffee table. The sky’s the limit!

Stain the wood to whatever color you wish. Wait for it to dry patiently. Or not.

Put on a couple of coats of polyurethane. Wait for it to dry patiently.

Once it is dry (finally) you are ready to add the legs to the table top (finally).

Determine where you want your legs to be.

Determine where you want the legs.

Attach the flanges to the bottom of the table topUsing screws, attach the flanges to the bottom of the table top.  Repeat with the other set of legs.

Admire your new table

Admire your new sofa table.

Add lamps your table

Add some fun lamps and put your couch back in place. Wish you’re new loveseat would hurry up and get here… patiently. 🙂

Hope you liked my little tutorial of sorts! When my new loveseat arrives I’ll update and accessorize!

Check ya later,



It’s like waiting for paint to dry…


Ask anyone who knows me and I am not known for my patience. Nope. Nada. Nuh-uh. And that’s the way the Good Lord made me. So understandably I get frustrated when I have a totally wicked awesome project that I’m dying to share and even more dying to have completed and it’s STILL NOT FINISHED!!!!

That’s right folks. Currently sitting in my frigid garage (pesky winter…) is a absolutely, positively gorgeous table (spoiler alert – there maybe a gorgeous thrift store find out there too!) all ready to be assembled and installed! Well it will be once the bloody polyurethane dries…

Impatiently yours,

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