Monthly Archives: January 2013

>Tap. Tap.<

Is this thing on?

Anyone still there?
{insert echo sounds here}

Just in case, hello.

I’m back (I’m like a bad penny that way) It’s been nearly a year since my last post. I have a very good excuse too.

No, my dog didn’t eat my homework. Did eat my blog password though…

Anywho. My excuse:



This little guy kind of put a hold on my blog. And a hold on his mama’s heart too come to think of it.

This is Henry. He’s 3 months old now (say whaaaaa?!?) My pregnancy with him was hard work but he’s here and perfect and we just adore the absolute snot out of him.

But he does required much of mamas time and energy (and quite frankly my calories- this kid is a tank!) so don’t be expecting too much from me in the wicked awesome posts department.

Not to worry though. We did do a lot of work on the house over the past several months (sneak peak of one of our projects behind Henry’s giant noggin) and the work continues so I have plenty to share so keep checking back!

Check ya later, alligator!

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