Melted Spoon Flower Frame

Hopefully, you have looked through my archives and were able to see my gorgeous monogrammed acrylic tray tutorial. If you haven’t yet, go now. Go ahead. I’ll wait…




Back? Super cute, right? 😉

I big pink, puffy heart it.

Anywho, I don’t know if you noticed in the background of one of my inspiration pictures there is this a really pretty picture frame with flowers on it.

{ image originally from Chic Cheap Nursery | edited by me }

Isn’t it just lovely? I had to make it. So I did. Yay! 🙂

I used an unfinished wood frame that I bought for $1 at Michaels, some plastic spoons from the dollar store, a ceramic tile to build my flower on, hot glue and a candle. Not pictured is the white spray paint I also used and a glass jem (like for fish tanks) I used for the center. Oh, and matches or a lighter for your candle.

I had seen all of the lovely melted spoon tutorials floating around Pinterest and thought that they looked very similar to the flowers on my inspiration frame. After reading several I just decided to go for it.

Step 1: Melt a spoon. To do this hold your spoon sort of close by not too close to the lit candle. Too close and you will 1) catch the spoon on fire, 2) melt a hole in your spoon or 3) get char marks on said spoon. It wasn’t too hard but it took me a couple to figure out how close was too close.

Make several so that when you go to assemble your flower you have plenty of petals to choose from.

Next, cut the bowl of the spoon off from the handle. I used my kitchen shears for this. Be warned: the pieces sort of fly all over the place.

Place a pretty big bead of hot glue in the center of your ceramic tile. This will be where you build your flower. Don’t worry, the flower will come off the tile really easily when we’re all done.

Working quickly before the glue dries completely, insert your petal into the hot glue. I played around with my petals before using the glue so I had an idea of what petal I wanted where. As you can see, I used 4 petals for my outer flower. I used another 4 petals for my inner flower. The inner flower petals fill the spaces left between the outer flower petals.

Then I glued a floral gem into the center of the inner flowers. This covers up an rough edges that may be in the center of your flower.

I repeating the process again to make a second flower. I also melted spoons to resemble leaves. Then I did a dry fit to make sure they fit on the frame and where I wanted the flowers to be placed.

Spray paint the frame white. Once dry, it’s time to add the “leaf” spoons. I left the handle longer on these spoons so they tucked nicely under the flower. Then I hot glued the flowers onto the frame. Then you’re done! Time to enjoy your new, gorgeous frame.

{ side view – I love the texture }

{ close up of the flower }

So what do you think? Do you love the texture as much as I do? Sigh. <;3

Lots of Love,



7 thoughts on “Melted Spoon Flower Frame

  1. Sara says:

    Very cool! I haven’t seen melted spoon flowers yet- neat! 🙂

  2. Ruth Sullivan says:

    i wonder if a heat gun could be used in place of the candle? i’m going to experiment to see if it is possible. may try it with colored spoons too….

  3. Claire says:

    This is such a neat project! I avoid fire at all costs so I don’t think that I’ll be attempting it anytime soon, but for you to look at a plastic spoon and see a flower petal is brilliant!

    I’m following your awesome blog, now and can’t wait for your next idea!

    Claire @

    • Thanks, Claire! Glad you liked it!

      I see a lot of things when I see spoons! I see a lot of things when I see anything. I call it a gift, my husband just thinks he married a crazy woman. 🙂

      I can’t wait for you to see another spoon project I have in the works! It might be right up your alley. And don’t worry, no fire involved with that one! 🙂

  4. Amanda says:

    Wow. You are sort of a genius. Who would have thought you could make something neat out of cheap plastic spoons??!! LOL

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