The Tale of My New Dishes

Sorry about going AWOL yesterday, CrAzY dAy! 🙂 Last week, just before my dentist appointment Mimi’s ballet teacher asked if she could adjust the time of Mimi’s ballet class making it an hour earlier. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember that until about 30 minutes before we needed to be there! Whoops! Rushed around getting kids dressed and fed. Then we had ballet. Then we drove up to my husband’s hometown (about an hour way) because he had work to do there and Mimi wanted to have lunch with her Papa (Mimi loves both her grandpa’s). So off we went. Met Daddy, went to a certain store I will tell you about next, finally located Papa and Grandma for lunch and THEN the realtor called. At 1 pm he asked if he could show the house at 1:30. Um… no? Oi. Anyway, onto my new dishes!

Six years ago when my husband and I were about to get married, we were working on our gift registry. I had found these dishes at Pottery Barn from the Emma Dinnerware Collection I absolutely loved them but just couldn’t justify a third set of dishes. Both he and I already had solid white Corelle dishware that we were bringing to the marriage and had just registered for a gorgeous set of fine china. I didn’t feel right asking friends and family to buy us an “everyday” set of dishes that were actually more expensive than our fine china! So I admired the dishes from afar.

{ Emma Dinnerware Collection from Pottery Barn }

Until Tuesday that is. I was at my local Dollar Tree and strolling down the dishware aisle what should my wondering eyes appear? The Emma dinnerware! Or something INCREDIBLY close to them. Granted, the Dollar Tree versions don’t have all the salad plate and extra bowl or the extra platters and servingware but we’re not really fancy smancy people. Dinner plates and salad bowls are all we need.

My Dollar Tree only had 4 good plates and 4 good bowls (some had weird black spots- yes I went through every dish and bowl they had. :)) Thus, a wild goose chase began.

I stopped by the other Dollar Tree in town (yes, there are two). There I got another 4 plates and 4 bowls. Then since we were headed up there I stopped at the Dollar Tree in my husband’s hometown but they had none left! Perhaps others have caught wind of the Emma dinnerware lookalikes. I was bummed. But luckily there was one more Dollar Tree close by that I could stop at. Hubby took the kids in my van and I took his car and on the way home I stopped there. Wow! I hit the motherlode! That store had a bunch of the plates and bowls so I got the 5 I needed. So for $26 bucks I got a set of 13 Emma lookalikes! That’s a little more than half the price of 4 bowls from Pottery Barn!!

{ aren’t they gorgeous? }

Now, you may be wondering why I bought 13. Well. A few reasons – 1) I’m Irish and superstitious and 13 has brought us good luck, 2) One extra in case something breaks and 3) I have 13 place settings of my fine china. Since my plan is to mix and match them with my fine china I wanted equal amounts. So now I have 26 place settings for things like holidays or special occasions. If we ever get a dining room capable of fitting 26 people that is. One can dream 🙂

Ready for more pictures?

So how about you? Got any amazing deals lately? Are you ready to throw the kids in the van and hi-tail it over to your Dollar Tree for the Emma lookalikes? If so, be prepared. It might be like Black Friday morning at the Dollar Tree. 🙂

Lots of Love,



2 thoughts on “The Tale of My New Dishes

  1. Amy says:

    I have also admired these at Dollar Tree! Now I want to go buy them!

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