{ Pinterest Thursday: } Clothes Pin Frame

I stumbled upon Steph from Crafting in the Rain‘s clothes pin picture frame through a linky party. I was immediately drawn to the awesome texture the clothes pins gave the frame. I knew I had to make one ASAP.

{ via Pinterest }

Steph dyed her clothes pins using black RIT dye. I didn’t have any and I wanted to make this project using things I already had. No problem. Spray paint to the rescue!

The project is pretty self explanitory. Get a frame and glue on the clothes pins. My frame had a nice wide face so it was perfect for this. I used 12 wooden spring clothes pins to cover my frame found in my laundry room. How many you will need will depend on your frame. I recommend a dry fit before gluing. I just slid them right off the spring mechanism.

First I spread the glue all over my frame. Don’t laugh but I used good ole fashioned Elmers for this. You could probably use whatever glue you wanted. Even hot glue but you would have to either work in warp speed or put a bead of glue, one pin, glue, one pin, etc. I wanted to be able to move my pins around a bit to get the fit right.

Arrange the clothespins on the frame flat side down. I really liked how Steph alternated the direction of the clothes pins so I did the same. The two small pieces? I used those as fillers in the interior corners. (Kind of hard to see)

Once you play with the arrangement and get it just right, let the frame dry.

Now it’s time for spray paint. I used a gloss brown spray paint I found in the basement.

I had a great time moving the frame around the house.

In our bedroom. In the family room. On the mantel (see anything familiar? :)) But I think on our landing might be my favorite spot.

What do you think? Where should the frame live? Are you going to make your own? I’d love to see it!

Lots of Love,



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