Airplane Mobile

So you know the hoop art I showed you on Friday? I wanted to show you what I did with the other part of the embroidery hoop- I made a little mobile for my son!

When I was pregnant with my son my daughter was around a year old and between taking care of her and being absolutely horribly sick (think throwing up 17 times a day and home IVs) I didn’t get to craft much for him. Time to make up for lost time!

This project was totally free! Well. Except for the glue sticks I sent my husband out for. The airplane cut outs were from Liam’s 1st birthday party, the clouds I made out of plain old white card stock. The rest is the outside ring of a big and slightly smaller embroidery hoops, fishing line and embroidery floss.

The hoops are held together with fishing line.

The clouds were made by cutting out the identical and symmetrical clouds (found that out the hard way!) ten you fold the clouds in half match half of Cloud A with half of Cloud B, the other half of Cloud B with Half of Cloud C and then finish by matching the halves of Clouds A and C giving you a 3D cloud. Before gluing Clouds A and C, I glued and taped a length of embroidery thread.

{ taken in the guest room – babies were sleeping }

As I said the airplane cut outs are from his birthday party and were made on my Cricut from colored card stock. They hang from fishing line as well.

The entire mobile is hung by three blue ribbons from my stash.

Once the clouds were assembled and the two hoops attached and (fairly) level it was a matter of tying thing on. The hardest part were the hoops. I won’t lie. I was getting REALLY frustrated but I love it now so it was totally worth it. Even better: Liam loves it too!  Ready for lots of pictures?

{ in the nursery }

{ lots of colors! }

Cute, right? He LOVES it.  Seriously.  He went right down for his nap today without a fuss watching his airplane mobile. 🙂

Well, thanks for stopping by!

Lots of Love,


One thought on “Airplane Mobile

  1. Alright, just link up your entire blog, okay. Because I’m digging all your projects!



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