The High/Low Project

I think I might have a new favorite HGTV show. Here in our household if the TV is on it’s on one of two channels: (1) the Food Network or (2) HGTV. Unless there is a Red Wings game on and then the hubby becomes a remote snatcher and we watch that.

I very rarely watch TV (seriously could care less if we even had one) but it happened to be on the other day. Amongst my cleaning I caught glimpses of something interesting. I didn’t have time to stop and watch but was able to record the mystery show so I could watch it later.

Come to find out the show is called The High/Low Project and it features the super cute and bubbly Sabrina Soto. The episode I recorded was about a young apartment dweller named Kari who wanted a classic living room with a splash of eclectic. My kind of girl!

{ screen shot from HGTV }

The whole premise of the show is Sabrina creates a dream room for the client sparing no expense and pulling out all the stops. Then Sabrina is given the challenge of recreating the same look using a very “modest” ($3000 is modest?!?) budget.

{ screen shot from HGTV }

I watched the show with my hubby and was absolutely in love with the pipe shelves they built Kari. I have been bugging and pestering and begging Hubby to help me build shelves out of plumbing pipes and flanges and after seeing hers he finally agreed that they were pretty cool. Woohoo!!! 🙂  { screen shot from HGTV }

There a couple of other things I would love to replicate one day. The mirror grid behind her (fabulous but completely not kid friendly) sofa and the garden statue book ends (love them!)

As for the artwork while gorgeous they seem kind of impersonal. I would replace it with photos of friends and family or even photos from around or town. I’m thinking Hubby might need to watch babies for an hour or so this spring so I can go snap happy around town without screaming babies in tow. 🙂

{ screen shot from HGTV }

The books were also odd to me. They just picked hardcover books that were pretty to decorate the shelves. And then turned them around so the pages faced forward… Uh??

Maybe I’m just nosy but if I am at someone’s house and they have books on display I always peruse them. If nothing else, it’s a conversation starter. And Sabrina was adamant about no soft cover books. I like soft cover books. I would just turn them around so the pages face out ala Restoration Hardware. I might even wrap them with the twine like RH for a little bit of funkiness. 🙂

{ from Restoration Hardware }

Finally the egg thing. Poor Sabrina was gagging through a project where she and her helper Chris had to blow eggs to put under a cloche on top of the fabulous bookshelves. I felt so bad. You can even ask my husband I was yelling at the TV telling her to just but paper mâché eggs from the craft store (or plastic Easter eggs!) and with paint and a tooth-brush she could replicate them without the vomiting. 🙂 Kind of like these from The V-Spot.

So, have you seen that show? I wish the episodes were all online as HGTV lists a bunch of episodes already and I’ve only seen 1 so far. But so far I really like this show. I like how it shows that creativity can trump cash any day.

Thanks for stopping by!

Lots of Love,

P.S. I just found at least part of the episode on HGTV’s website.  Watch it here.


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