Everything’s Just Beachy

My mother-in-law celebrated her ::cough:: birthday the other day. They purchased a house last year and are in the process of making into their new home. The house looks over Lake Michigan and so my mother-in-law has a lot of beachy and nautical decor. I knew I wanted to make her some sort of frame and once I saw these I knew I had to make my own.

{ This is actually a canvas! }

It was actually pretty easy. Here’s what I used:

I started out by measuring my frame. Mine had a little lip and I wanted my wood pieces to sit right inside that lip so there was a white border. I did a dry fit to get an idea of how I wanted to lay out the stirrers. Then I marked the stirrers where I needed them to be cut.

Hubby helped me by cutting the paint stirrers into 2 big pieces that stretch across the top and bottom of the frame and the little chunks of wood for the sides. I actually used different kinds of paint stirrers from different stores. I used big paint stirers (like for the 5 gallon buckets of paint) and regular gallon paint stirrers from Lowes and big paint stirrers from Menards. Each of these paint stirrers were different thicknesses giving the frame a cool wavy type look.

{ See the different thicknesses? }

Once cut I started by applying a coat of my favorite wood stain, Rustoleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Dark Walnut to all the wood stirrers. I made sure to get the edges of the long pieces too but I probably should have done that for all the pieces.

While the stain dried I gave the frame a quick coat of white paint. I just used craft paint but you can use whatever you have. Most of it will be covered by the wood pieces anyway. I took out the glass and back to the frame so that I didn’t get paint on them .

So the frame is drying and it was time to turn my attention to the now dry stained wood pieces. I used my most beachy craft paint colors but you can use greens and pinks like the Savvy Photographer’s or whatever you like! Or you could just skip the paint all together and just leave it the stained pieces.

For mine I wanted the stain to peek through the paint so I brushed a fairly light coat and then immediately following by wiping it off with a paper towel. It’s messy but worth it. I also worked in pairs so that one piece would be on either side of the glass. I’m just OCD like that. 🙂 I love how the wiping off the paint gives the wood pieces a really old, worn look.

Once the wood pieces and the frame are dry it’s time to assemble!

I ran a bead of wood glue on the frame and then carefully applied the wood pieces to the frame. I laid the big pieces and then went down one side and then the other because the glue dries really fast. I made sure to adjust the pieces as I went along since I was butting each piece against another


Allow everything to dry really well before inserting your glass, your favorite picture and the frame’s backing. And now: Picture overload!

{ Stand back and enjoy the fruits of your labor – or the fruits of mine (that’s my daughter in the picture) }

{ Or lean it on a shelf }

{ I love the texture the different thicknesses of wood gives the frame }


I actually ended up with a few extra pieces (how’d that happen?!?) No problem. Rather than throw them away, I went through my stash of frames and found one with a nice flat face.

After dry fitting the pieces to the frame, I applied wood glue (I need more actually – I’ve run out!) and attached the wood pieces. TADA! Darling table top frame for me! Woohoo! 🙂

Not sure why my hair looks purple… Probably cause I did this all REALLY late at night and needed to use my flash. Anywho, photo taken by the very talented Missy Widener of mL photography taken for our 5-year wedding anniversary. Love them 🙂

What do you think? Have room in your decor for a beachy frame? I already told the hubby we going to need more paint stirrers. I may need one of these big guys for myself! Or I might try it with just the stained stirrers and see how that looks. Either way, you know I’ll share!

Lots of Love,


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4 thoughts on “Everything’s Just Beachy

  1. ooohhh, I like these frames. and the images in them, too….hehe. and why *does* your hair look purple?! it must be the flash, and perhaps a new look for you??? hehehehe…I am loving your blog. but it does make me feel tired just reading it. and inadequate, too. thank you.

  2. ps- I actually took that one of maddie, too. just sayin. I remember how itty bitty she was as my belly was NOT so itty bitty at that time…

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