Wishful Thinking

Have you ever come across some product that made you want to drop everything and go play with it? Your dinner is boiling over on the stove, the phone is ringing off the hook and the dogs are howling at a very menacing stick in the yard but you are too mesmerized by the YouTube video showing all the tricks it can perform to look away.


Uhhhh… Me either.


{sheepish grin}


Moving on…

Have you seen the Silhouette machine? I heart it. I big ole pink puffy heart it. I loved the SD when it was out but now they have the Cameo – be still my heart!
Oh the things I could do with a Cameo…

It cuts fabric. Did you know that? No more spending hours cutting shapes out with my dull scissors. Mimi wants a turtle on her shirt and there’s only a half hour until our play date? No problem. Fabric, Wonder Under and Silhouette Cameo to the rescue!

And you KNOW I’d be whipping up some of these with a Cameo.

{ via Pinterest }

Did you know you can use it to bedazzle stuff?  I love me some glam and sparkles. Night on the town? Let’s add some rhinestones to that plain ole clutch. Not to mention the face that I may just need to have more kids so I can make them adorable onesies like this:

And probably my FAVORITE feature is the print and cut feature. So when I’m making labels or cupcake toppers for the kids’ birthday I can design them with the registration marks and the super smart Silhouette can cut them precisely where I need them!

Sigh. I love it. Maybe for my birthday in August? Honey, if you’re reading this: hint hint. 🙂

Lots of Love,


One thought on “Wishful Thinking

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