An Ode to My Magic Eraser

An Ode to My Magic Eraser
by Erin B.

My dearest Magic Eraser. Oh, how I love thee.
Finger prints, scuffs and weird dirty spots that grace these hollowed halls.
Are easily wiped away
With out much scrubbing at all.

When you are almost used up, in pieces and full of holes,
I roll you up and scrub some more
For the love I have for you, my dear Eraser, is deeper than any cleaning product love affair ever before.

For almost the last year our house has been on the market. So for almost the last year I have been using my Magic Erasers nearly daily to clean up the finger prints left on the walls by my 2 year old, the weird dirty spots that appear as of by magic on the bathroom door and the food splatters off my kitchen cabinets from my husband’s most recent culinary invention. I seriously might be single-handedly keeping Procter & Gamble in business.

Tomorrow is yet another showing and today I noticed that my newest beloved sponge was full of holes and in pieces so it was off to the store for 2 more boxes. Procter & Gamble if your reading this, send some more my way. I maybe your biggest fan!

Off to clean!

Lots of love,



3 thoughts on “An Ode to My Magic Eraser

  1. Amanda says:

    Magic Eraser poem… lol… I swear you and I were separated at birth, Erin!

    Love the new blog. This is actually something that I would read, even if I didn’t know who you are. The layout is aesthetically pleasing – clean, white, and simple. Love the cherries font and stem detail on your Heading. Really love the doilies plate craft. I hate doilies – have always believed that they serve no purpose whatsoever on this planet. Now I want a doilie plate! Lol…

    Keep ’em coming. I’m bookmarking this, and planning to steal your ideas to use at my house. Maybe your ambition will even guilt me into working on my blog again, too! 🙂

    • Yay! My first comment! Thanks, Amanda!

      I have a bunch of ideas squirreled away in my head. Don’t you worry! I even went and got some supplies for a few projects that might be right up your alley. Wait and see… 🙂

  2. […] the help of my father-in-law.  Almost 3 years later they still look brand new (with the help of my bestie).  My one complaint, not enough shelves in the cabinets!  Each cabinet came with one or two […]

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