{ Pinterest Thursday: } Doily Plate

When searching around Pinterest one day I saw this gorgeous little Doily-print plate.

via Pinterest

I loved it but didn’t want spend the time making the actual plate itself. I remembered a few months ago at our MOMs group that we used Mod Podge to stick fabric to a plastic bowl. The results were awesome. I decided to try to attach the doily to the plate using the Mod Podge. Here’s what I used:

First thing I did was make sure my plate was nice and clean. Next, I took my brush and put a bit of the Mod Podge on the plate. Be sure to think about where you want the doily on the plate. I used gloss Mod Podge because I wanted the entire plate to be a shiny.

My plate actually had weird little flecks of brown that had stained the plate. I took my doily and positioned it so that it covered the little weird stains. Good as new!

Then I carefully put my doily where I wanted it and made any adjustments. The Mod Podge doesn’t dry that quickly so I had some time to make sure it was all down on the plate without any raised areas.

Then I painted the Mod Podge over the entire doily.

I peeled the doily back a bit and made sure to get a good amount of Mod Podge on the edge so that the doily laid nice around the edge of the plate. I had originally planned to just carefully cut the doily and not wrap it around the bottom of the plate. But in the end I decided that I liked the doily wrapping over the edge.

As for the back, I just made the doily lay as flat as possible. I followed the same technique as on the front. Mod Podge on the plate, then laid the doily then Mod Podge on top.

Allow the doily to dry. I put mine on top on a bowl and let it dry for a while.

A few hours later, I had this beauty.

Sorry for the terrible lighting. Had to take this photo after the littles were in bed.

Hope you enjoyed my first tutorial!

Lots of Love,


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6 thoughts on “{ Pinterest Thursday: } Doily Plate

  1. Jill says:

    I love all things doily!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial think I might try this. You said that you had done something similar on plastic plates, did you use the modpodge too?

    • Yes! In our MOMs group we took plastic serving bowls from BigLots and stripes of fabric that we cut into pieces and then we mod podged them right to the inside and outside of the bowl. It looks like patchwork almost.

      I wouldn’t eat my Wheaties out of it but it looks great on a coffee table holding twine balls. 🙂

      Does that help? Maybe I’ll do another one and post it so you know what I’m talking about 🙂


  3. Oooh la la! That is so pretty! Something so simple yet just lovely!

    Thank you for sharing!


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